Scholarships: Postgraduate
Educational Institutions: Business College of Athens

One (1) scholarship, choice of the candidate

BCA Group is one of the largest educational institutions in Greece, offering Bachelors and Master’s Degrees in the fields of Business Management, Maritime Studies, Hotel Management and Psychology.

The instructors of BCA are highly qualified with Ph.D and Master’s degrees from the highly recognized universities of U.S.A and Great Britain, occupying important positions in multinational and domestic organizations, with wide experience in the field of shipping, tourism and business management.

BCA's programs are franchised based on its exclusive partnership with University of Plymouth, as a result every graduate is also a graduate of one of the largest Universities in Great Britain.

Those who are interesting for the Scholarship can choose one of the following postgraduate programs:

Business Department

Hotel and Tourism Management Department

Shipping, Transport and Logistics Department

Furthermore, they are required to submit the supporting documents when necessary.

Attention: The scholarship does not include books and the registration fees of the partner university ~ 600 €/ year.

Deadline extensionof Applications: The Deadline has passed

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