Scholarships: Postgraduate
Educational Institutions: Mediterranean College

Two scholarships, choice of the candidate

Mediterranean was the first college in Greece (in 1992) to “franchise” a degree program from a British State University. Today, in partnership with reputable UK universities and awarding bodies, Mediterranean College offers a broad portfolio of franchised undergraduate, postgraduate and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses. Students have the option of registering to programs that are delivered on a full-time or part time/ flexible mode and are taught in either English or Greek. Upon successful completion of the courses, students are awarded degrees and qualifications that are issued by the collaborating Universities awarding bodies.

Mediterranean College stands for another year to the program “Study with Scholarship” by offering two Scholarships for postgraduate studies, choice of the candidate from the above Programs:

MSc Marketing Management

MSc International Hospitality Management

MSc Advanced Computer Networks

MSc Big Data Analytics

MSc Mechanical Engineering and Design

MSc Civil Engineering and Construction

MSc Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

MSc Counselling & Psychology in Educational Settings

MSc Applied Psychology: Clinical Psychology & Counselling

MSc Applied Psychology: Health Psychology & Counseling

MSc Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy

MA Education (Leadership & Management)

MA Education (TESOL): Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Scholarship includes:

-Tuition fees amounting to €6,000 - € 7,000

-The application fee: € 100

Scholarship does not include:

-Tuition fees of the University of Derby € 3,090 (€ 1,850/1st year and € 1,240/2nd year)

-The Graduation fee 100 € (in the 2nd year)

The Scholarship concerns the tuition fees of the first year of studying for the winner and it depends on his/her good academic performance (Average score above 65%) whether the Scholarship can be valid in the following years of studying.

The scholarship is valid for the academic year 2020-21 (A student who has already enrolled at Mediterranean College or an employee of both College and Equal Society cannot apply for the Scholarship).

The winners of the Scholarship must to meet all the required academic criteria

Deadline extension of Applications: The Deadline has passed

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